There are a multitude of diverse activities to do in the Sandhills.  We've listed just a small sample below.  If you and other family members get together and decide you want to do any of the listed activities as a group (e.g., Wine Tasting), just contact LeVonne before June 15th and she will assist in setting up and coordinating the outing.  Should you need additional activity information or assistance in planning for or engaging in an activity, LeVonne is also available to provide help.

  • SHOPPING:  Walk the streets of Southern Pines and Pinehurst and explore local shops
    • Southern Pines
      • R Riveter – handbags made by military spouses; check out the website
      • Knickers for special foundation garments
      • Marie Marcele Boutique – a dress shop
    • Pinehurst
      • The Pinehurst Olive Oil Company
      • Coolsweats
      • Sandhills Women’s Exchange
      • Gemma Gallery
    • Southern Pines
      • Ironwood Café
      • 195
      • Betsey’s Crepes
      • Thyme and Place
      • Sweet Basil
    • Pinehurst
      • Theo’s
      • Drum and Quill
      • Elliott’s on Linden
      • Sandhills Women’s Exchange
    • Aberdeen
      • House of Fish Seafood
      • Full Moon Oyster Bar
    • Taylortown
      • Harris Teeter – enjoy the largest Harris Teeter in the US.  In additional to regular grocery shopping, enjoy a glass of wine or beer at the bar, freshly baked pizza, special meal of the day, extensive hot and cold food bar; fruit bar, worldwide cheese, etc.
    • Jims, Gems and Gold – pan for gold and genuine gemstones; see website
    • Rassie Wicker Park with Splash Pad in Pinehurst
    • Fitness Center and outdoor pool at Residence Inn
    • Enjoy trails at The Reservoir
    • First Health Fitness Center with full range of exercise equipment including swimming pool
    • Karma Beauty Bar
    • Carolina Hotel and Spa
    • Sandhills Gardens
    • Weymouth Center
  • Wineries
    • Black Rock Winery
    • Sandhills Winery
    • Wine Cellar and Tasting Room
  • Southern Pines Farmers' Market
    • Downtown Southern Pines
    • Pinehurst at The Village Green
  • Sunrise Movie Theater in Southern Pines
  • SandhillsBowling Center in Aberdeen
  • Consignment Shops – for those who enjoy great finds at low cost, try a number of the consignment shops.  Ask me for details if interested
  • Pottery Highway – if you like pottery, you’ll want to take a trip to Robbins to sample the wide variety of pottery options. Or stop by Seagrove Pottery in Aberdeen for a sampling of the area pottery.

Talent Showcase Program: For Arts & Entertainment we are seeking performers for this program at this year's reunion. The program may include: Spoken Word, Praise Dance, Expressive Dance, Skits, Monologues, Tap Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Rap, Singing, Poetry and/or Instrument Playing. The program will be professionally driven!!! So, sign up to share your gifts with the family on reunion Saturday.

If you are interested in performing, submit your: 1) Full Name, 2) What You Intend To Perform, & 3) A Brief Biography to Deirdre Anderson (Program Chair) via email at or via telephone at 336-457-5374; not-later-than Saturday July 14th.

For any questions, please also contact Deirdre.