In supporting the Rotha Woods Mitchell Scholarship Fund, we, as a family, need to be much more active in satisfying our scholarship fund goals.  Meeting those goals is paramount in adequately supporting our higher education student scholars.  The primary area the fund is intended to support is the purchase of text books; which we all know sell at deplorably high prices.  We did meet some, but not all, of our personal donation goals for 2016.  Let’s be diligent in meeting them all this year.
We ask that, as a minimum, you contribute in-accordance-with the Annual Personal Donation Levels described below; but, we will accept and appreciate any contributions above or below those identified for your age range.  So feel free to contribute any amounts you can.  Either way, donations are tax deductible and all contributors will be individually cited for their donations.
The following provides our annual goals, personal donation levels, and methods to make pledges and donations.  To do this, you will first need to access the Registration Page to make your pledge(s), and then access the Electronic Payments Page to make your donation(s).

Annual Scholarship Fund Goals 

Years              Total Donation     Annual Percent            Participation
                               Amount                  Increase

 2018                           $1400             20% Increase                    90%
 2019                           $1680             20% Increase                    95%
* This is based upon the previous five (5) year average total contribution


Annual Personal Donation Levels

Generation Circle              Age Ranges        Recommended Donation

 Up & Comers                        21-30 years                      $15-$25
 Movers & Shakers                31-45 years                      $26-$40       
 Prime Timers                        46-60 years                      $41-$55
 Sages                                      61-70 years                      $25-$35
 Matriarchs/Patriarchs             71+ years                        $20

Should you elect to submit your Rotha Woods Mitchell Scholarship Fund donations as previously done (by regular U.S. mail) instead of online, via credit/debit card; mail them to:
Bernard Woods
5205 Woodam Court
Columbia, MD 21044
Make checks/money orders payable to: Woods Family Scholarship Fund.
However, you must still complete the scholarship donation part of this registration form
Thanks in advance for your Scholarship Fund donations.  Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate contacting Bernard Woods via this website, or at:
  • Email:              
  • Cell:                410-491-0208
Scholarship Fund Committee:
Bernard Woods – Chairperson
Gabrielle Gilliam
Doris Faye Brinson (Emeritus)




The application is a WORD file that will be downloaded to your computer when you click on the link below.  It will appear at the bottom of your browser.  You must click on the file to open in WORD.