You are already familiar with the Registration Form, in that it is simply an automated electronic version of the same registration form we have used for a while now.  In addition to Family Registration and Dues, it is used to register and pay for these family reunion direct costs: 1) Food Fees, 2) Scholarship Fund Pledges & Donations, and 3) T-Shirt Orders & Purchases. Every direct descendent family member must complete the Registration Form (or be identified on the form).  Remember, for all direct descendents, annual family dues are payable whether or not you are attending the reunion. 

The family has bills and commitments that are due in advance of the reunion, so advance payment of dues and other costs are a great help to the family in meeting its financial obligations.  Thus, we graciously and strongly urge, this form be completed and submitted as soon as possible (ASAP); but not-later-than (NLT) July 1st 2018.

Remember all items denoted by an asterisk (*) must be filled in or the form cannot be electronically submitted.
For further detailed instructions, and additional information, for completing this form, click on the link below:

To Submit the Registration Form Manually, Click on the link below and a pdf file will open.  You will then be able to print the form, manually fill it out and submit it as was done in years past!